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tv   Business - News  Deutsche Welle  November 22, 2017 6:15pm-6:31pm CET

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even and let's coach was asked how by and will fare against p.s.g. . i think they can beat p.s.g. but they would need to beat them four nil but being germans they always believe they can. pass for the match at hand recent history favors by and the last time they played and lacked in brussels they won five now. all right thanks so much for spending this part of the day with us we'll be back at the top of the hour helena is up next. frankfurt. international gateway to the best connection self and road and rail. located in the heart of europe you are connected to the whole world. experience outstanding shopping and dining office and try our services. be our guest.
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managed by from. among us and if you're doing something you feel passionate about then it doesn't feel like a john doe. the . inflation growth forecast british finance minister philip cannot comment unveils the country's budget and breaks it. off the spending. coming up a massive data breach at the details. millions of customers compromised
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a year ago only now does the company come clean about the hack attack admitting it paid the criminals off to keep them quiet. this is your business update on helen humphrey in berlin thanks for joining me britain's finance minister has lowered his country's five year growth forecast over uncertainty surrounding the u.k.'s exit from the european union philip hammond made at the comments as he unveiled his autumn a budget it includes plans to set aside three billion pounds for briggs it contingency plans the country's decision to quit european union has resulted in a shop full in sterling and an increase in inflation. we asked our financial correspondent connoted was in for his analysis of herman's for exit plans for the poland is not really precise he says he sets aside an extra three billion pounds for bricks and contingency planning and that he wants to ready britain for every
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possible outcome of the wreck that negotiations this indicates that the government in london is still not sure what the economic impact of breaks it may eventually be so the government gets prepared for lower tax income and if there's really a heartbreaks it then the government will need extra money for extra civil servants for example for border control. conrad couzin in frankfurt that now has admitted it suffered a massive data breach last year because stole the names and addresses e-mail addresses and phone numbers of millions of its customers around the world and to make matters was paid off the criminals to keep him quiet the firm says it's five two people of the instant the regulators say that must be accompanied by higher fines. the revelation that knew about a massive data breach but did not inform of already has left the right sharing company facing some tough questions founded to me if you knew the hackers were
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there why wouldn't you simply report them to be over that's the question we're now has to answer is worth nearly seventy billion dollars making it by far the leading right sharing service in the world. the latest revelation has left some customers feeling uneasy trust and to them i feel uncomfortable for them now it's a little disappointing i mean as a consumer i mean i used to bernard i did i had no idea this was going on in the u.s. companies are required to disclose data breach information to the government so the ride share service could end up facing fines from the u.s. authorities and also other countries for hiding the information the revelation could also potentially expose guber to lawsuits from affected customers that could have a significant impact on its bottom line. well for more let's bring in our tech
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editor constantine klein he joins us from data studios in bonn good to see you now we're talking about the days when he had to fifty seven million uses pays the hakas to keep this hotshot we know what's happened to this data now. but frankly we don't the authorities haven't been involved until now nurses have been made and although who has paid the ransom money of one hundred thousand dollars. no assurances have been only assurances have been obtained that the data have been wiped we still don't know who the perpetrators are in real life that leaves them with plenty of time to do whatever they wanted with the data in addition to the assurances which we have to believe or not. has released a statement saying they haven't detected and it terms of frauds using those state are. also we have to always keep in mind that the pending on the quantity of stolen records the data could be worth more than the one hundred thousand dollars
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that was paid for the silence i mean can we actually take this insurance is it face value because it let's be honest is not exactly been operating in the most transparent way. actually has indulged in acting like a bad start up company bending the rules at every corner ignoring the regulations this patent has evolved under its founder travis cannon equal has been replaced after a series of scandals by a current c.e.o. of. course russia. now basically is tasked with cleaning up the mess restructuring the company and in doing so he has fired the chief security officer of his had met olsen a former general counsel with them is a no less and has started connecting him to contact and there it is around the world the tech editor constantine klein in bonn thanks for that. well data security is certainly one of the pitfalls of the new sharing a quantum
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a here's another one if you share something you don't own it if you don't own it you really feel responsible for it that's the issue many cities are confronted with when it comes to bike sharing services concerns a growing among city planners that the bikes not being used a clogging up public spaces despite that a company from singapore now wants to take on the competition right here in germany . you can't mess it the no frills bright yellow bike with no gears lots of plastic and thick solid rubber tires it's a decent short distance bike you can rent one for a year or an hour using an app that shows you where the nearest bike is. i've never used one which has been station the speed for this one like i think it's has g.p.s. or something attached to it so it looks very interesting next bike the publicly funded bike sharing platform has fixed parking stations and it's these loose bikes
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could cause chaos they look neat and tidy now but who knows when they'll be broken wheels lying around or blocked subway entrances and pavements. companies who use public space where there's the most demand where it makes most sense in terms of traffic was for instance for its us. if bikes start to accumulate they're supposed to be collected and redistributed a geo fencing program on your find shows where to park and when not to park the out also saves the route to the bike the german manager wants to dispel accusations that it's all the way to collect customer data. you have to read the data protection policy when it clearly states that we don't pass the data on it's used internally to develop the app and our services when was also reporting be done mostly. for now it's still in the test phase.
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whether or not the only bikes can stand up to the competition. i need time to tout . china has reportedly added skype to its internet black lace the news comes off a major companies including apple said they've been ordered to remove the from their download stores chinese authorities say skype does not comply with local no but did not specify what rules have been violated there is from speculation the government wants to limit access to encrypted services that are less vulnerable to monitoring the country already blocks other leading foreign websites including facebook and twitter. now bolivia is rich in natural gas but not all of its gas fields are being exploited as a time when countries around the world are gas reserves even it's considered a cleaner fossil fuel and today one of you has signed a raft of deals with international companies to develop the sector it's one of the
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biggest gas contract symbol of u.s. history foreign companies will invest one point six billion dollars in the development of the country's not true gas fields they include british dutch company royal dutch shell repsol from spain petrobras from brazil and argentina as pan american energy bolivia's president is eager to quell doubts that the socialist government over nagel in the agreement. contracts are going to be fulfilled. we have a flexible cabinet of ministers and a parliament that is well organized and will approve policies that favor bolivians . to guarantee major investments in bolivia. in two thousand and six the newly elected president evo morales nationalized the gas industry using military force. foreign companies received compensation but were
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not happy the move made very unpopular with investors but that nationalization was a boon for bolivia generating extra revenue that was in turn invested in oil and gas production the output of natural gas has increased enormously since then by more than fifty percent in ten years to around twenty billion cubic meters today the majority of households have gas plus the government has been able to build new railways streets hospitals and schools president morales is confident that the new mega deal will give the country a for the big boost and promises that this time he'll stick to the contracts with foreign investors and they likewise have an eye on the future bolivia is the biggest natural gas exporter in south america and there's still plenty more in the reserves while staying with the americans in the fifth round of nafta talks has come to
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a close in the three countries involved have yet to resolve any major differences u.s. officials brought up some thorny issues at the meeting donald trump made revamping the trade agreement which the single deal ever approved a key element of his election campaign but throughout negotiations canada and mexico have continued to resist u.s. demands in the areas of call manufacturing and agriculture by the still no signs of solutions the next round of talks will take place in december. stay with the latest from the business while my colleague daniel winter will be taking over the desk so be sure to join him.
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enter the conflict zone this week conflict zone is as the u.s. army's hole in first training area is a very real how a guest is lieutenant general ben hodges comando the some thirty thousand u.s. soldiers in europe with such comes for us to come on the in chief in washington
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many people in europe are wondering is america still a reliable. next d.w. . those values and germany is a strong country. and we have achieved so much we can do this and if something hinders on some we must overcome india. going where it's uncomfortable global news that matters g.w. made for mines hijacking the news. where i go from the news is being hijacked journalism itself has become a scripted reality show it's not just good versus evil us versus them black and white. in countries like russia china turkey people are told that it's that's not and if you're
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a journalist there and you try to get beyond that you are facing scare tactics intimidation. and i wonder is that where we're headed as well. my responsibility as a journalist is to get beyond the smoke and mirrors it's not just about being fair and balanced or being neutral it's about being true. when he was born golf and i work in the deli. this week conflict zone is at the u.s. army soul in first training area in the various our guest is lieutenant general ben hutches commander of some thirty thousand u.s. soldiers in europe with a such controversial a commander in chief in washington many people in europe i wonder.


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